Process-U is more than a consulting company. We change the world by enabling ideas.

Process-U is about knowledge and processes delivering success. We want to support ideas that build community and help create a more socially responsible and sustainable world.

How many brilliant ideas fail because there are so many things to juggle? How many intents of improving how people work means squeezing them to make them fit some newly defined rules? We don’t want to see this happen anymore!

Laila Stancioff

Our Executive Director combines creativity, adaptability, and structure.


Knowledge Management, Process Management, Project Management, Leadership & personal development, NGO development, and certified life coach.


Laila has graduated in the Ibmec, in Brazil. Holds a Master in Strategic management & Leadership by the University of Latvia. Laila is an ambassador of the Super User role and the “Benefits corporation” movement.

Having started as CAPM certified by the Project Management Institute. Developed the Model BPM 6×5 (BPM 6 by 5: a self-assessment model to measure and develop action plans for the company to grow in Maturity in BPM), Laila’s focus has gone beyond structuring the company’s processes. Laila has created Continuous Improvement culture in organizations by implementing a powerful framework. The Framework supports people to develop a knowledge-sharing and process-oriented mindset. Her Master’s thesis focused on a component of this framework – the Super User role. As a tool to enable the company’s growth in maturity in Business Process Management.

Combining work optimization with personal development, Laila has become also a productivity coach. Helping professionals reach a better work-life balance.

Laila has been in the board of associations in different fields. Has managed multiple social projects locally in Brazil and Latvia, and on an European level. She also supports volunteers with  training and coaching. Embedded with her belief that learning and self-awareness stimulate people to actively take control of their lives. Consequently build a society that is more human. Laila has prepared organizations to be certified in BCorp, and locally, in Latvia, for “Family friendly workplace” and Diversity and inclusion (“Dažādība ir spēks”) certifications. Languages: Native Portuguese, fluent English, Latvian and Spanish.

Nicholas Stancioff

Our Creativity Director has a broad experience as a manager and entrepreneur in different fields and countries, and in system development.


Nicholas has a Global Strategic viewpoint, Member of the Board of several private and public companies, Specialized on the ground due diligence, negotiation and restructuring. Coaching and mentoring for strategy and business.


Nicholas holds an MBA, University of Virginia; and graduated cum laude from the American University in Washington, DC, concentrating in Mathematics and Literature, holds Futures Series Certification as well as an ICF Coaching Certificate.

An entrepreneur with several startup experiences, Nicholas has expertise in structuring and managing public and private sector project finance in emerging markets, including as a turn-around specialist in significant investments. As President/CEO of ITC, a US-based telecom with operations in Brazil, he successfully raised a new round of venture capital and repositioned the company through acquisitions and divestments to offer specific services in Bank Security, Retail, and Private Clinics thus increasing revenues while decreasing costs. In the mid-90s, Nicholas served as Principal Banker in London and Deputy Representative with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Sofia, Bulgaria. In this role he closed transactions in the nascent private sector while participating in institution building efforts.

Prior to this, as a physicals and futures commodities trader, he pioneered options pricing engines before being tasked with M&A responsibilities in the US and the Caribbean. Throughout the years, he has had the opportunity to create new systems using technology.  In the 80’s, he installed the first PC-based accounting systems financing his studies, developed the 1st language training system using voice recognition (CALT), the first portfolio based commodity system (ISIS) from trade to balance sheet combining the books of traders in Hong-Kong, New York, Paris and Hamburg and the first nationwide bank digital video security system as well as an array of smaller systems in practically every company he has worked with. He is a native speaker of English and French and is proficient in Bulgarian, Portuguese and Spanish.